One of the organizations committed to the (balanced) development of Bonaire and its possibilities for tourists, is BONHATA: the Bonaire Hotel And Tourism Association. Its members are entrepreneurs that share forces and work together for the future of Bonaire.

They maintain contacts with governmental and non-governmental organizations inside and outside the island. They work on strategic visions for Bonaire, and initiate and contribute in various ways to projects and processes that benefit Bonaire. They promote, support and empower their members through cooperation with one unified voice.

And, through the website and social media platform of their brand I Love Bonaire, they contribute to the positioning of Bonaire as a superb destination.

Whether you are a visitor who likes to learn more about Bonaire or an entrepreneur who wants to be part of BONHATA, just go to http://ilovebonaire.com/BONHATA/ and find out what they can do for you!

More info

Bonaire Hotel And Tourism Association (BONHATA)
Kaya Soeur Bartola 15A
Kralendijk, Bonaire

I Love Bonaire – BONHATA

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