Bopec – Prepared and ready

At We Share Bonaire, our aim is to promote Bonaire as a superb holiday destination through photography and promotional videos of like-minded people and businesses on our beautiful little island. As such, you have seen a whole range of videos pass through this page. This one, however, is different. It does not promote Bonaire. In fact, it does not promote anything. But it is a story you will want to see if Bonaire is in your heart. A story of the mysterious oil storage terminal on the edge of the breathtaking Washington Slagbaai National Parc; Bopec. The scene of a terrible fire caused by lightning back in 2010.

A story which the hard working men and women at Bopec, people that love this island like the rest of us, want to share. And at We Share Bonaire, we will give them that platform in an effort to take away some of that mystery.

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